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Syndicate Dance Season 3

I had the opportunity to work with one of San Jose’s finest dance companies – Syndicate Dance. Earning first place honors from prestige competitions such as Prelude and Evolution, this team has represented shark city for quite some time now. I had the pleasure of doing this “smoke bomb”/ urban themed shoot with them. This was probably my largest group shoot to date – 120 dancers and 100+ smoke bombs Congratulations guys, and good luck with Season 3.     Advertisements

Voyager Craft Coffee – San Jose, CA

Today’s mocha feature comes from San Jose. Voyager Craft Coffee, a modern space with the perfect ambient noise for your work days. Iced mocha as always. Yummy chocolate goodness without the artificial powder. Lots of space but seating can be limited during peak hours. Excellent customer service, talked to the barista about Porter and Madeon because i was wearing their show hat. 4.5/5

Soulection Pool (Side) Party – A Networking Event for Good Vibes and Good Music

This past weekend the Soulection crew threw a pool(side) party for the Bay Area residents. Known for their party-rocking shows and tributes to 90s and early 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B, the crew came prepared with the same formula . I’ve been a fan of these guys for a few years now, and their shows are always the most social. It felt like I was at a networking event for good vibes and good music. The event took place at the Pheonix Hotel, a hip boutique hotel located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. From the outside, it looks like your typical, low-fi motel that you’d see in the outskirts of Las Vegas. But when you enter the lobby that is exactly what you’ll find, but with a polished look; the interior design had a Great Gatsby aesthetic, and the inside pool area had a vintage feel to it, with tangerine and teal colors painted on the walls. I later found out that the hotel was a residence to high profile bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and …


It was a slow but much needed weekend of self-reflection, as graduation comes around the corner. What was super awesome thiugh is that my friend from Mexico, who I met studying abroad last year, came up to visit. I only got tosee her for a day but i made sure we at least shot some photos. It waa so awesome seeing her. During the weekend, i caught up with my best friend to go “urban exploring”, something that ive never done before. Or maybe I have, but not to the distanve of what we did this past weekend. We snuck through security, go to places qe weren’t allowed to, but found magnificent views in return. We didnt do this to the full extent, but damn was it exciting. Although i realize hotels are kind of boring because of how secure they are and San Jose is ok when it comes to this type of thing… or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough 😉anyways, enjoy this week’s photos


It seems like every week is a busy week now a days. Midterm season is currently in full effect and Philz has been my water. Nevertheless, I still managed to take some shots. I recently I attended Urban Paradise 2016, a dance showcase that brings together all aspects of dance to promote the culture. What an amazing experience. Anyways, enjoy these shots from the week. Currently in love with my Fuji 56mm 1.2.  When I’m not taking photos or dancing 😉  


I’ve been lacking with the posts here. As much as ive been meaning to write here at least once a week, school has been kicking my ass. But in an effort to keep me motivated, I’m going to be doing a series called “Shots of the Week”, or SOTW. Pretty self-explanatory, im going to make an effort to share my shots from that week. I recently picked up an 85mm for my Fuji, and shooting people has always been my forte so expect lots of those.

Art of Visuals Instameet Recap

The Instagram community continues to amaze me. This is my second Instameet and I’m always impressed by those that organize these.Just this year I began to showcase my work on Instagram and using hashtags to support IG groups. The @artofvisuals community has been a huge inspiration of my growing into the IG scene. Being a source of inspiration, I wanted to see some of the people behind the scenes.   Shoutouts to all the people I met at the meet! @m.tthw @adjusts @mayajennt @thejesspage @bruhnology @wonderboyprince @d.w.u @randgee @roelvista    

Spring Break 2015 in SoCal

Spring break, a time when college kids storm parties, have delicious eats, and make spontaneous adventures. Some people go to Lake Havasu, and some people go to Las Vegas. As for me, I go to SoCal. I’ve been going for the past couple years with the King Library Rockers, a breaking club on campus. But we don’t go just for fun, we go for an event known as Schools for Fools. Schools for Fools is an intercollegiate breaking competition that brings together colleges from different parts of California, as well as nearby states. Schools such as UNLV, University of Washington, and UCLA have participated in the past. If you want to get an idea of what it is like, check out the recap footage from last year by the friends at Banzski. I plan to write a longer post for this competition because there is a lot to take in from it, but just know this: Last year, we made it to the semi-finals. This year, we made it to the finals. That only means one thing next year… …