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What do you call home? Christmas/Birthday in Reno

Every year my Christmas is always eventful not only because of the holiday season but because it’s my birthday. I’m usually indifferent when it comes to my birthday because either way, I’m spending it with my loved ones. I used to fuss about how people would forget my birthday when I was younger, but nowadays it doesn’t matter much. In fact, I wasn’t planning to do anything other than spend it with my extended family in Reno. But a few days before my birthday some of the closest people in my life surprised me with a large family-style dinner table at Claw Shack. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Some photographic yummies by @isaacmijangos That weekend I left for Reno on the Greyhound. I’ve always had mediocre experiences with the bus company, but my heart goes out to them for working during the holidays. Taking the Greyhound has always been a constant reminder of how good I have it. It’s been a tough year for my mom’s side of the family. My grandpa passed away this month, and financial situations have …

Vivian’s Graduation

I had the pleasure of shooting my good friend Vivian’s graduation photos this past Monday. This shoot was (sort of) unplanned, I asked if she needed graduation photos and the person she was supposed to take it with couldn’t do it anymore. But it was perfect because of the story behind our relationship: During my freshman year, Vivian was literally the first friend I made at SJSU in one of our communication classes, and 4 years later here I am taking her graduation photos. It’s crazy how life does these things. Vivian, if you’re reading this, congratulations! You made it. Thank you for our four years of friendship, from helping me with KLR events to our most recent Philz talks.

Soulection Pool (Side) Party – A Networking Event for Good Vibes and Good Music

This past weekend the Soulection crew threw a pool(side) party for the Bay Area residents. Known for their party-rocking shows and tributes to 90s and early 2000s Hip-Hop and R&B, the crew came prepared with the same formula . I’ve been a fan of these guys for a few years now, and their shows are always the most social. It felt like I was at a networking event for good vibes and good music. The event took place at the Pheonix Hotel, a hip boutique hotel located in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. From the outside, it looks like your typical, low-fi motel that you’d see in the outskirts of Las Vegas. But when you enter the lobby that is exactly what you’ll find, but with a polished look; the interior design had a Great Gatsby aesthetic, and the inside pool area had a vintage feel to it, with tangerine and teal colors painted on the walls. I later found out that the hotel was a residence to high profile bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and …

An Open Letter to KLR.

Tomorrow, you guys will be starting school. Some of you are freshmen or sophomores and some of you are graduating seniors. The first couple weeks or so of school are always dope; the spot is packed, cypher vibes all around, and of course you’re reunited with the homies. But for the first time in years, I won’t have the privilege of breaking in between classes or grabbing a breakfast burrito with Wet Wormie. For the first time in years, I won’t be part of the KLR routine. During my freshman year at SJSU, I remember passing by club day and seeing linoleum on the floor, bboys doing their thing. There was a homie by the name of Andrew Nguyen, president of the club at the time, who saw my curiosity and introduced himself, then to the other homies. From there the chemistry was instant and I found myself going to The Spot at least 2 to 3 times a week. By the end of my freshman year the KLR homies became some of my closest friends. Andrew …

Schools for Fools X: A dream, an injury, and crew love

About 10 minutes into warming up for the competition I heard a pop inside my left knee. It was a familiar feeling I had injuring my right knee a year ago, which I had to go into surgery for. 10 minutes into warming up, and just moments from going into our first battle, I injure what is one of the most crucial body parts in breaking. All I could do was sit down, helpless, as the team warmed up for the upcoming battle. I was part of several routines and had a few solos lined up, but now all of that was thrown to waste. I was devastated. I wanted to cry. I wanted to give up. But that’s not what leaders do. I asked for painkillers, I asked Anna to buy me a knee brace, I did everything I could to make sure I was fine, even when I wasn’t. I was in aggravating pain, but I couldn’t let things stop here, not after all the time I had invested into this. It was …


It seems like every week is a busy week now a days. Midterm season is currently in full effect and Philz has been my water. Nevertheless, I still managed to take some shots. I recently I attended Urban Paradise 2016, a dance showcase that brings together all aspects of dance to promote the culture. What an amazing experience. Anyways, enjoy these shots from the week. Currently in love with my Fuji 56mm 1.2.  When I’m not taking photos or dancing 😉  


I’ve been lacking with the posts here. As much as ive been meaning to write here at least once a week, school has been kicking my ass. But in an effort to keep me motivated, I’m going to be doing a series called “Shots of the Week”, or SOTW. Pretty self-explanatory, im going to make an effort to share my shots from that week. I recently picked up an 85mm for my Fuji, and shooting people has always been my forte so expect lots of those.

Art of Visuals Instameet Recap

The Instagram community continues to amaze me. This is my second Instameet and I’m always impressed by those that organize these.Just this year I began to showcase my work on Instagram and using hashtags to support IG groups. The @artofvisuals community has been a huge inspiration of my growing into the IG scene. Being a source of inspiration, I wanted to see some of the people behind the scenes.   Shoutouts to all the people I met at the meet! @m.tthw @adjusts @mayajennt @thejesspage @bruhnology @wonderboyprince @d.w.u @randgee @roelvista    

Happy 2016, Adventure Addicts!

  Happy New Years, adventure addicts! What a year 2015 was. It seems like every year life keeps on moving faster and faster, and before we know it 10 years pass by. I made some changes on the site here, new layout and what not. Just thought I’d start my first post of the year with one of my favorite shots from 2015. While this blog will still consist of adventures and the outdoors, I will also be focusing a lot on lifestyle and business. Thank you for everyone that has continued to support me! It means a lot. Let’s keep the adventure vibes moving. -Mark