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A Weekend in Helsinki

Sometimes you move so fast that you don’t even realize you’re moving. This is what the past three days have been like since I left the country. In case you didn’t know, I’ve decided to extend my studies abroad for a month into the country of Finland. Before starting school, I had some time to explore the area. This past weekend I stayed in a hostel in the city of Helsinki before making my way into Jyväky1lä for my study abroad program at JAMK University. There I met all the international students from SJSU as well as students from all over the world. The weekend was meant entirely for the students’ free time, so many of us decided to get together and explore the city. After being in Helsinki for two days, here are my first impressions: The weather reminds of the Bay Area, but much more colder and windier. Finland has quality beer. I’d have to kick out some of my favorite American beers for some here. My favorite is Lapin Kulta. 11PM in Finland means …

Summer Nights in the Spring

I realized that balancing a blog while being a full time student and a full time intern isn’t the easiest thing to do. It is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to update this as much as I’d like, so I apologize. But with some adventures in May (which I’ll keep a secret for now), look forward to this being used quite a bit. After coming from the Red Bull BC One Cypher in San Francisco,  some friends and I decided to hang around Oakland to shoot some photos. My friend Kim was familiar with the area and took us to Jack London Square for a mini shoot. After long days from school and work, tonight was a nice breather. It felt like a summer night in the spring.  I’m thinking about turning this into a photo series: grabbing some friends or anyone that is down for a spontaneous night adventure that is in every other season besides Summer.      View more photos here

Big Sur Adventure

As my winter break continues on, so does the adventures that await. I got to meet up with a group of friends that formed in high school through laughters and randomness, which eventually became an adventure group that do anything and everything. We decided to take our presence to Big Sur all the way in the Monterey Coast. I always heard about the beauty here, comparable to what I’ve seen up in the North Coast. I didn’t realize how far it was; it took a good two hours to get here, and I realized that it was near Cal Poly SLO. But once we did, it was well worth it. Easily my second favorite nature view. If you have a full day, and don’t have work the next day, make the trip.                     

New Years Eve 2014 in San Francisco

I decided to spend New Years Eve this year in the city with some friends. I remember coming here last year, and it was the same hecticness that I remembered; drunk people everywhere, streets flooded with people, and loud noises coming from all directions. The scene reminded me of a zombie apocalypse of some sort. Nevertheless, these are the type of events that I live for, from the busy atmosphere to the cold winter air.

Christmas in Reno

Every year when I can I try to spend my Christmas in Reno. This is where my mom’s side of the family is from, and it is also where I grew up for most of my childhood. Known as the “Biggest Little City in the World”, Reno is an old town that with beautiful land. Because it is shadowed by its younger brother in the state (Las Vegas), the city is pushed under the radar. But what separates Las Vegas from Reno is the snow. While this year it wasn’t as evident, when it does snow, it snows.  I celebrated my 21st birthday in Reno and got to gamble for the first time. My cousin recommended the tables, and I started off the night with paigow poker. I didn’t take too many pictures of the night because…well, you know the deal with a 21st birthday.

Disney/LA Trip

I was inspired by one of my favorite blogger’s recent post dunksrnice to write back in this blog so here I am. Recently I just came back from a Disneyland trip with Anna and her sister, cousin, and her cousin’s roommate. With a constant work flow of 20+ hours a week and a recently acquired internship, it was a much needed vacation. LA always treats me well with the good eats and spontaneous adventures. It’s been awhile since I went to Disneyland, though. To be honest my expectations were pretty low as my experience from the last time I went was pretty boring. But this year it was very different. I think it had to do with the fact that I went with my family last time, and this time around I went with a spontaneous group that are of my age. There’s something about family trips and trips with friends that just have a different feel to them, although I know many groups that have fun with family vacations as much as road trips …

San Mateo Adventure

I decided to visit one of my good friends Rod in the city of San Mateo. He’s always coming down to San Jose to hang out, so I decided that it was my turn to check out his neck of the woods. I never really got a chance to explore the area, so it was a good opportunity to do so. San Mateo is like a suburban San Francisco; it has a growing downtown but has a homey feel to it. One of Rod’s passions is boxing so we decided to go to a gym he trains at. We were lucky to catch a boxer who was a champion for a women’s league. it’s always great seeing passionate people craft their art live, from the boxers’ fighting technique to teh way they maintain focus. Afterwards we went to get good eats at a premier ramen shop called Himawari. The place is not your ordinary ramen shop: when you walk in you are greeted with a decoration of jazz records on the wall. It gave the …

A Year in Review 2013

I was looking for the perfect time to write this, which is why it is a couple weeks late.  Last year it was in the Philippines, this year it is in the living room of my parent’s house on a Friday night. It’s that time of year again, to reflect on the year. The good and the bad, the dope and the nope, the cool and the ugly. 2013 was a year that I decided to take a weeklong trip to SoCal just because. It was a year when hiking became a passion. It was a year that I decided to hang on a leash that was tied on a bike, while I rode at least 20 miles per hour on my skateboard. I had a lot of time to think about how my year was due to long car trips to Reno and plenty of time for myself. At first I felt like my year wasn’t as fulfilling as I wanted it to be. I felt like more could’ve been done. But looking back …

The PG&E Trail

I decided to start the new year with great company and one hell of a workout. The PG&E Trail is one of the hiking trails of the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. Hiking has quickly become a passion over the past year, starting with my first hike of Mission Peak in Fremont, CA. You could almost say I’m on a journey to find the best hiking trails. The PG&E combines scenic routes of in-forest inclines and declines, while maintaining a comfortable hike due to many shaded areas. The whole trail top to bottom was eight miles, four getting to the top and four going back. While the PG&E trail itself was a moderate challenge, it was the trail that followed that made it the most difficult hike I’ve done so far. We had a choice of either continuing up a trail known as the Black Mountain, or making it back down to the parking lot. We decided that since a majority of us didn’t feel too much of a burn, we were up for the …

SoCal Trip 2013 Recap

I was hoping to get to this recap sooner or later, so here it is.  It’s a month late, but better late than never, I guess.  Last month I went on a SoCal trip with Anna. We have always wanted to do this trip, so we decided to save up for a couple months and plan for it. We stayed in the SoCal area for 4 nights and 5 days. Day 1 The first few days we stayed in San Diego. We were fortunate to have one of Anna’s close friends house us for our time being there. The first day consisted of the long road down to San Diego. We decided to make a pit stop and check out the musical road in Lancaster, CA. If you’re ever in the area, check it out, it’s worth the time. After a long 8 hour trip, we finally made it to La Jolla. The night consisted of delicious Korean Barbeque from Manna, and adventures around the downtown area.  Day 2 We decided to check out the beaches in San …