My Bucket List


I think everyone should have a bucket list. I was inspired by my boss when he made his last year, where he did everything from 100 wines to eating foods in all of the counties in California to skydiving. His adventurous efforts inspired me to do the same, and 2017 will be the first time I’ll be making my bucket list official. Follow my journey as I discover the best fruits of life this year has to offer.

250 Different IPAs. I’m a big IPA guy, and my go to beer has always been Lagunitas. But this year I want to try the different flavors that IPA chemists have to offer.

100 Coffee Shops. Coffee has been my water since college; I drink at least 2 cups a day, and I love me a good mocha (Iced Mocha from Philz Coffee is to die for, trust). That’s why this year I want to experience 50 different coffee shops and try 50 mochas (iced or hot).

Food Alphabet. A foodie lover’s dream. I’d like to try 26 different cultural foods that begin with each letter of the alphabet. I know this is possible because my boss Michael Gross did it. But I swear I won’t cheat and look at his bucket list.

Go out and experience the best fruits that life has to offer. Make 2017 super sick.