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What do you call home? Christmas/Birthday in Reno

Every year my Christmas is always eventful not only because of the holiday season but because it’s my birthday. I’m usually indifferent when it comes to my birthday because either way, I’m spending it with my loved ones. I used to fuss about how people would forget my birthday when I was younger, but nowadays it doesn’t matter much. In fact, I wasn’t planning to do anything other than spend it with my extended family in Reno. But a few days before my birthday some of the closest people in my life surprised me with a large family-style dinner table at Claw Shack. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


Some photographic yummies by @isaacmijangos

That weekend I left for Reno on the Greyhound. I’ve always had mediocre experiences with the bus company, but my heart goes out to them for working during the holidays. Taking the Greyhound has always been a constant reminder of how good I have it.

It’s been a tough year for my mom’s side of the family. My grandpa passed away this month, and financial situations have always been an issue. But when the cousins get together, none of that really matters. This year was no different – it was all laughs and love.

Every year we have a holiday family shoot, and this year we kept it simple – we utilized a homemade backdrop (no more than $25 with PVC pipes and black table cloth) along with lighting umbrellas. The results were pretty damn nice.



I love traveling back to Reno to visit the family, and I’ve learned in the past several years as a young adult to appreciate them. I’m fortunate to still have a healthy relationship with them as I know many that don’t, and for this reason, I know many people that hate the holidays. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we all need some place we can call home – whether it be your parents’ home for the holidays,  your closest friends, or the love from your spouse.


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