Month: January 2016

Art of Visuals Instameet Recap

The Instagram community continues to amaze me. This is my second Instameet and I’m always impressed by those that organize these.Just this year I began to showcase my work on Instagram and using hashtags to support IG groups. The @artofvisuals community has been a huge inspiration of my growing into the IG scene. Being a source of inspiration, I wanted to see some of the people behind the scenes.   Shoutouts to all the people I met at the meet! @m.tthw @adjusts @mayajennt @thejesspage @bruhnology @wonderboyprince @d.w.u @randgee @roelvista     Advertisements

Happy 2016, Adventure Addicts!

  Happy New Years, adventure addicts! What a year 2015 was. It seems like every year life keeps on moving faster and faster, and before we know it 10 years pass by. I made some changes on the site here, new layout and what not.┬áJust thought I’d start my first post of the year with one of my favorite shots from 2015. While this blog will still consist of adventures and the outdoors, I will also be focusing a lot on lifestyle and business. Thank you for everyone that has continued to support me! It means a lot. Let’s keep the adventure vibes moving. -Mark