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Adventures in Stockholm

As I continue my explorations of Europe, my ventures land me to the city of Stockholm. Coming into the trip, I didn’t really have an idea of Swedish culture (only that it is the motherland of H&M and Ikea), so I was curious.  Stockholm is also the city of where one of my favorite bloggers Shelly Mulshine is from.

One of the places to check out while there is Gamla Stan, also known as Old Town of Stockholm. This city blew me away with its elderly architecture and breathtaking arial views.

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There is also a part of Gamla Stan that reminds me of Italy, with narrow streets and buildings painted a golden yellow.

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As for the food? I’ll just leave you off with two words… pasta and chocolate.

While I didn’t get to experience Stockholm’s potential nightlife because I was so exhausted from the day trip, I did wander a bit in the evening What was interesting was that many of the bars had an age restriction of 23 and over. The same thing happened to me back in a club in Finland, where they set the bar restriction to 22. It seems like age restrictions in Europe are much more controlled by business than government.

Despite the delays and the short weekend (we only stayed in the city for a day and a half), Stockholm was wonderful. I really got a glimpse of what their old town was like, and was able to snag some yummy souvenirs. I will definitely be coming back for more.

As they would say in Swedish: Skål! (Cheers)!


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More pictures can be found here


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  1. De La Torre Family says

    You amaze me more and more evey day. We are so very proud of you and all that you are accomplishing. Continue to set out and conquer the world, they will love Marky Method as we do.

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