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Spring Break 2015 in SoCal

Spring break, a time when college kids storm parties, have delicious eats, and make spontaneous adventures. Some people go to Lake Havasu, and some people go to Las Vegas. As for me, I go to SoCal. I’ve been going for the past couple years with the King Library Rockers, a breaking club on campus. But we don’t go just for fun, we go for an event known as Schools for Fools. Schools for Fools is an intercollegiate breaking competition that brings together colleges from different parts of California, as well as nearby states. Schools such as UNLV, University of Washington, and UCLA have participated in the past. If you want to get an idea of what it is like, check out the recap footage from last year by the friends at Banzski.

I plan to write a longer post for this competition because there is a lot to take in from it, but just know this: Last year, we made it to the semi-finals. This year, we made it to the finals. That only means one thing next year… 😉

After all is said and done, we celebrated just for the sake of being together. Many of us have part time jobs and a few of us are graduating this semester. It is a rare event when more than ten of us get together. But this time, we were able to snag more than 20 people for this trip. That in itself is a blessing. I’ve essentially spent most of my college years with these people through performances, events, and casual hangouts. I still have one more year to go before I graduate, and I plan to keep on spending the good times with these people.

Here is a rundown of the weekend:

Day 1 – Schools for Fools 

The first couple of days were spent preparing for Schools for Fools. There were four cars that had different departure schedules, and my car was the last one to leave. We didn’t get to the house until 2:00 AM so it was a long day for us. The place we stayed at was a beautiful Disneyland-themed home. You can check it out here. How we managed to fit 25 people into the home to sleep comfortably is beyond me. After the competition, we ate dinner at Asahi Sushi with some Irvine kids and then had an afterparty.

Schools for Fools 2015 Schools for Fools 2015-2Schools for Fools 2015-10 Schools for Fools 2015-11 Schools for Fools 2015-5 Schools for Fools 2015-3 Schools for Fools 2015-16david s4f3
Photo: David Nguyen
david s4f5Photo: David Nguyendavid s4f 2
hoto: David Nguyen

Day 2 – SoCal eateries, Santa Monica Pier 

The next day was spent exploring the SoCal area. We all slept in until about 11AM or so and grabbed lunch at Gen Korean BBQ. I found out that they are opening one in San Jose, so definitely look out for that. Afterwards, we made a quick stop at Half & Half Teahouse before heading to Santa Monica Pier. We then did some shopping at 3rd Street Promenade, took some pictures at LACMA, and got tacos in Koreatown (Yup, tacos).

david s4f6Schools for Fools 2015-22
When you food coma with bboys…
Schools for Fools 2015-24Schools for Fools 2015-2

Schools for Fools 2015-31Schools for Fools 2015-3 Schools for Fools 2015-47 Schools for Fools 2015-5 Schools for Fools 2015-6  Schools for Fools 2015-39 Schools for Fools 2015-38 Schools for Fools 2015-7 Schools for Fools 2015-73 Schools for Fools 2015-8

Day 3 – Disneyland 

It’s only given that we went to Disneyland. The more I go, the more I appreciate the place, from the details of the scenery to the excellent customer service. Although the rides did seem a little slower – not sure if that was because I expected them to be a lot faster, or if they really slowed the rides down for safety precautions. Unfortunately there were a lot of rides closed during the time that I went. I assumed it was because the park was getting ready for its 60th Anniversary.

Schools for Fools 2015-84Schools for Fools 2015-11Schools for Fools 2015-98Schools for Fools 2015-94Schools for Fools 2015-102

Day 4 – Final stops before the road

The last day we decided to explore SoCal a little bit more. We had lunch at Bruxie’s, a gourmet waffle sandwich restaurant that sits outside of Chapman University. We also had Pop Bar at the famous Anaheim Packing District, a shop that specializes in gelato and sorbet pop bars. Although I was warned by a security officer that I was not allowed to take pictures of the place because of Anaheim’s current rules… Not sure about that one. Finally, before heading back home we had to make a stop at Porto’s, a famous bakery in the area.

Schools for Fools Weekend_-6Schools for Fools Weekend_-2 Schools for Fools Weekend_-4 Schools for Fools Weekend_-5  Schools for Fools Weekend_-8

Thank you KLR and SoCal for the wonderful Spring Break. Looking forward to next year’s festivities.



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