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Big Sur Adventure

As my winter break continues on, so does the adventures that await. I got to meet up with a group of friends that formed in high school through laughters and randomness, which eventually became an adventure group that do anything and everything. We decided to take our presence to Big Sur all the way in the Monterey Coast. I always heard about the beauty here, comparable to what I’ve seen up in the North Coast. I didn’t realize how far it was; it took a good two hours to get here, and I realized that it was near Cal Poly SLO. But once we did, it was well worth it. Easily my second favorite nature view. If you have a full day, and don’t have work the next day, make the trip.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.33.27 PM

The Trip

Big Basin 2014-35

Meet CART GANG, a group of individuals that have been adventuring together since 2010.Big Basin 2014-7Big Basin 2014-5

Big Basin 2014-6 Big Basin 2014-3     Big Basin 2014-8 Big Basin 2014-9Big Basin 2014-10 Big Basin 2014-11 Big Basin 2014-12  Big Basin 2014-14 Big Basin 2014-15 Big Basin 2014-16 Big Basin 2014-17 Big Basin 2014-18   Big Basin 2014-21  Big Basin 2014-23 Big Basin 2014-24 Big Basin 2014-25 Big Basin 2014-26 Big Basin 2014-27 Big Basin 2014-28 Big Basin 2014-29 Big Basin 2014-30 Big Basin 2014-31 Big Basin 2014-32  Big Basin 2014-4Big Basin 2014-34   Big Basin 2014-2

Big Basin 2014-42Big Basin 2014-37


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