Month: January 2015

A Seaside Getaway

For the weekend before school started, Anna and I decided to take our adventures all around Northern California. We had a discussion about how we plan to “exhaust” all of Northern California’s beauty before moving across the compass.¬† It is a daunting task, but one with much reward. Besides, I need more content for this blog. ūüėČ The trip was a 3 day weekend into Point Reyes in the north coast, followed by the lower seasides of northern California down Highway 1. We were here last year, so we had a pretty good idea of what to bring in our packs. ¬†¬†The next day was back in Big Sur. I couldn’t get enough of it, plus I had to show Anna what the beauty was all about.¬† Finally, the trip ended in the Monterey County, where we stayed in Marina for the night. We stayed in Jenny’s home, which I recommend wholeheartedly on Airbnb. You can see my review here. Advertisements

Big Sur Adventure

As my winter break continues on, so does the adventures that await. I got to meet up with a group of friends that formed in high school through laughters and randomness, which eventually became an adventure group that do anything and everything. We decided to take our presence to Big Sur all the way in the Monterey Coast. I always heard about the beauty here, comparable to what I’ve seen up in the North Coast. I didn’t realize how far it was; it took a good two hours to get here, and I realized that it was near Cal Poly SLO. But once we did, it was well worth it. Easily my second favorite nature view. If you have a full day, and don’t have work the next day, make the trip. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†

Study Music: Sales

I first heard of these guys on Majestic Casual‘s Youtube channel. Surfacing out of Orlando, Florida, SALES is an American Pop Rock band consisting of guitarist/vocalist Lauren Morgan and Guitarist/programmer Jordan Shih. These guys¬†don’t have too much content up on the internet yet and if you try to google them all you get are charts and money signs. Nevertheless, I’m a huge fan of their music. They have a lo-fi sound, with mellow samples¬†and guitar riffs that compliment Lauren’s vocals. It’s the type of music that lets off a winter chill vibe but makes you want to dance in the snow. Give them a listen. Also, if you like their music support them and buy their new EP here.

New Years Eve 2014 in San Francisco

I decided to spend New Years Eve this year in the city with some friends. I remember coming here last year, and it was the same hecticness that I remembered; drunk people everywhere, streets flooded with people, and loud noises coming from all directions. The scene reminded me of a zombie apocalypse of some sort. Nevertheless, these are the type of events that I live for, from the busy atmosphere to the cold winter air.