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Lake Tahoe Trip 2014

For the past few years me and some friends have been trying to plan a Lake Tahoe trip. Every year it didn’t happen due to procrastination and other commitments, but this year was different. With almost half a year of planning, over 20 friends, and five days in a cabin, we finally made it happen. I’ve been to Lake Tahoe a few times, but this was the first time that I went with friends. We ran into a snow storm on the way up and almost slid out of control, but luckily there was a shoulder we were able to pull on the side to. We realized we put the chains on the wrong wheels. There was actually a plus to it: we got to touch the softest snow, ever. tahoe collage idTahoe Trip 2014-5tahoe collage id2  Tahoe Trip 2014-9Tahoe Trip 2014-7Tahoe Trip 2014-22    Tahoe Trip 2014-15 Tahoe Trip 2014-12Tahoe Trip 2014-26  For the first day or two, there was a good amount of snow; a white winter wonderland in the deep wilderness. But towards the end of the trip, the snow quickly disappeared. Nevertheless, there is something different about the Lake Tahoe wilderness that separates it from those alike in the Bay Area / Northern California, from the ultra fresh air that was soothing to breathe to the whistling winds. It doesn’t compare. DSCF5766Tahoe Trip 2014-21Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a decent picture of our cabin, but here is an interesting flavor of black ramen. When you put 20+ college folk in a cabin for a weekend and a half, you can imagine the fun we had (chuckle). Tahoe Trip 2014-18DSCF5774

It was a great start to the much needed winter break and a spark to the holiday spirit. We’re planning to make this an annual thing.


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