Month: November 2014

Study Music: Ta-Ku

I was first introduced to this guy surfing the web and found that he produced a series of beats that were a tribute to Nujabes, and instantly I fell in love. Ta-Ku is a self-taught producer from Perth, Australia. His style revolves around progessive beats with aesthetic sounds familiar to J Dilla and 9th Wonder. While I have not been able to see him live yet, I hope to catch him if he decides to visit the Bay Area. Check out his work if you’re into  soul grooves, progressive production, and electronic hip-hop fusion. Advertisements

New Music: Soko

This past weekend I came back from Foster The People’s show at the Fox Theater. I will be writing a separate post on those guys, but I wanted to share some music from their opening act. Soko is a French singer as well as an actress from Bordeaux, France. I came into the show with only a handful of Spotify listens, so I did not know what to expect. Right off the bat, I got a vintage indie feel to her music, reminding me of sounds like Feist and Cat Power. It also sounded like something that would come out of a British indie film like Submarine. Soko has a quirky sense of humor, making little jokes in between her songs. I remember her talking about how she wanted all the single lady’s numbers after the show and commenting about how beautiful the audience was. If you’re into indie folk or anything along those lines, I would recommend her.

Study Music: Tycho

I will be starting a music series that caters to all sorts of moods. To start it off, here is a band that has been on repeat for the past week, helping me get by “writer’s block” and keep me in my creative bubble. Tycho is a producer and artist based out of San Francisco, CA. I first heard of this guy at Outside Lands, and right away I was hooked. From the ambient noises to the atmospheric sounds, Tycho sets the stage with a dream-like presence. The first thing I thought about was “Hello, sweet study music”, and it has been my choice artist when it comes to writing my blog posts or research papers. I recommend this to those that are into Jamiexx, Made in Heights, or MSMR. Give him a listen, let me know what you think.