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FAME S/S 2014 Recap

This is my 4th time going to FAME, an event that connects the fashion, art and music countercultures under one roof. Founded by Bobbi Vie, FAME is one of San Jose’s premier events for the creative artist. The theme this year was “Hello, Summer”, as one can guess what a majority of the work is inspired by. Many of the artists come from the local bay area scene, such as Marvin KingNomikai, and Azuki. What brings me back to FAME every year is the fun and color that the team brings to the event. From the fashion show set up to the dance cyphers to the music, its is more of a party than an exhibition. I was talking to Bobbi after event, and he observed that every year the booths get more and more creative. “You can’t just have a simple table set up anymore, otherwise you’ll feel out of place and behind the competition”, Bobbi explains.

There were a few things that the FAME team did differently this year. One was that it was a new venue. From the past events I’ve been to, the venue has been the same or at least the same consecutively for a couple years. This year’s venue was completely outdoor, bringing a warm summer vibe to it. The only major issue that the event came across was that the event was using so much power that it did not have enough to supply for the fashion show.  Other than that minor setback, I had a good time. I was able to come up with a few shirts, some art, and of course, the never ending stickers.

FAME SS 2014-2FAME SS 2014FAME SS 2014-4 FAME SS 2014-5 FAME SS 2014-6 FAME SS 2014-7 FAME SS 2014-8 FAME SS 2014-9 FAME SS 2014-10 FAME SS 2014-11 FAME SS 2014-12 FAME SS 2014-13 FAME SS 2014-14 FAME SS 2014-15 FAME SS 2014-16 FAME SS 2014-17 FAME SS 2014-18 FAME SS 2014-19 FAME SS 2014-20 FAME SS 2014-21 FAME SS 2014-22 FAME SS 2014-23


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