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The Midnight Hike

Last night my friend and I decided to conquer Mission Peak…under the werewolf moon. The hike started approximately 11:30 PM and was conquered by 2:15 AM. I was extremely excited to take epic photos; the city lights make for some delicious bokeh. But amidst all the excitement was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve conquered this year. I love hiking, and over time the Mission Peak hike gradually got easier. But when you combine a 4 mile hike that inclined consistently in the dark and midnight freezing weather mixed with an elevation breeze that brought in rain, it’s a whole different story. With that in mind, it was extremely difficult to take photos, even with a tripod. My legs gave out on me, my hands and feet were pretty much frozen by the 4th checkpoint, and my breathing was difficult. By the final trail before the victory pole, I was pretty much a zombie; everything including my senses were numb. But once I touched that pole, I was brought back to life by the breathtaking view. I was hoping to take more pictures up top but the freezing breeze took a tole on me. We only stayed at the top for a good 5 minutes. Was it worth it? A big, definite yes. Would I do it again? Of course. Next time I’ll make sure to be even more prepared, as if I were going to Alaska or something. The night ended with a well-deserved bowl of pho, emphasis on the well-deserved. Vietnamese goodness.



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