Month: January 2013

SF Adventures 2

          Went back to the city for some more adventures, this time with Anna. Went to check out Soul Roots Entertainment’s open mic artist showcase in Daly City, and ended up performing last minute. It’s been awhile since I’ve written a creative writing piece, let alone perform it. I ended up using some of my old pieces. It was great being able to do so again. The rest of the day consisted of a very usual and ordinary day of strolling through chinese graveyards, dinner at a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, and a wonderful view overlooking the city that was Twin Peaks. School starts this Wednesday. Am I looking forward to it? Yes and no. Looking forward to being back in school, but not looking forward for the upcoming work that comes with it. I’ve been lagging on getting errands done for school, so the next two days will be spent in the library or a coffee shop getting that done. All I can say is that break felt very long for some reason…which …

SF Adventures

A trip with some friends to San Francisco that consisted of delicious curry, sucking at taking busses, organic yogurt, free shows, and rolling up in carts. We did a random spontaneous San Francisco trip our junior year of high school, and two years later we decided to do it again. Really not much to say, other than the pictures tell the story of the trip. Enjoy! Some pictures were taken by my friend Andrea.  

Davis Trip

Had an awesome time in Davis this weekend visiting some friends. I wasn’t able to take as many pictures as I’d like, but only because I was too busy having fun to shoot. Went with one of my best bros and a couple of people from high school that I didn’t really hang out with until this trip. It’s funny, after having a philosophy class with one of them, having many mutual friends, and sitting at a table that was literally feet next to them during lunch, you’d think that I’d at least have one decent conversation with them, but we all have never talked until now! It was pretty great. Slept in our friends’ dorm, had some delicious crepes, went bowling, and reminisced high school days. Looking forward to visiting more friends in their college lives.

Philippines Trip

After a horrendous case of the stomach flu for the past few days ( I still have remnants of it now), I am finally able to recollect my thoughts on my trip to the Philippines.  This trip has been nothing short of amazing.  Several observations i’ve made while I was here: Bargaining is key You are served in whatever you do, from trying on shoes to holding doors There are security guards in every facility, from 7-elevens to restaurants to even restrooms Restaurants are napkin-conscious (literally one napkin is given) There is a spray-gun near the toilet Filippos love ice breakers  Whenever you enter a store, know that an employee will be following you…wherever you go.  At family parties, food is surplus All kinds of officers, as well as security guards, have a range of firearms, from handguns to shotguns. I found that up to 20 people can fit in a Toyota Tundra Pickpocketing is common (Luckily, I wasn’t a victim) Jeepney (look it up) These are just several that I could name off the top of my head. One …