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College life as of 11/28/2012

Just a quick update with my college life. This is my first update, as I have been caught up with everything and anything college and life related. If I had to describe it in one word, it would probably be busy. Even after I feel like i’ve completed everything, there is always more to do. Being a communications major, writing is a must, and I find myself with writer’s block all the time; I have to time my writing sessions perfectly, or else I write little to nothing at all. Coffee is pretty much my water, and coffee shops (and sometimes the library) have been my choice of study spots. Combined with life stress, it’s been pretty overwhelming. Music, dancing, writing, and good company have been my saving grace. 

Other than studies being extremely stressful, everything else has been pretty good for the most part. Love being in the city, got to meet some awesome people that share the same interest as me, and Philz is just around the corner. A couple of my professors are fantastic, especially my English professor. She’s young so she can relate with her students,  has a great sense of fashion, and teaches well in the classroom. Okay, that borderline sounds like I have a thing for my professor. But she is pretty awesome. I actually visit her at her office hours from time to time to update her on how I’m doing. I’m taking it slow this semester just to see how much I can handle, so my college social life has been kind of low key. My priorities at the moment are studies, break life, work, and family. Once i get a pretty good idea on how to handle things, I’ll be considering many more college opportunities, which probably won’t be until next semester. I’m hoping to study abroad by my 3rd year in Australia, although there is a program next summer for Finland, which I’m highly considering. My communications teacher really wants me to go, as she could see the enthusiasm I have for studying abroad. It also helps that I have a friend that is an international student, so he’s been giving me some pointers. 


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