Month: November 2012

College life as of 11/28/2012

Just a quick update with my college life. This is my first update, as I have been caught up with everything and anything college and life related. If I had to describe it in one word, it would probably be busy. Even after I feel like i’ve completed everything, there is always more to do. Being a communications major, writing is a must, and I find myself with writer’s block all the time; I have to time my writing sessions perfectly, or else I write little to nothing at all. Coffee is pretty much my water, and coffee shops (and sometimes the library) have been my choice of study spots. Combined with life stress, it’s been pretty overwhelming. Music, dancing, writing, and good company have been my saving grace.  Other than studies being extremely stressful, everything else has been pretty good for the most part. Love being in the city, got to meet some awesome people that share the same interest as me, and Philz is just around the corner. A couple of my professors …

Night Photography

Recently I’ve been shooting a lot of night photography. The combination of the cold air, evening lights, and late walks make for a relaxing shoot. It’s also good practice for my low light shooting, and keeps my creativity going because of all the possibilities with this type of photography. Above all, it helps me get my mind off everything; my escape if you will. I’ve been trying to become a more versatile photographer, and night photography is a skill that I look forward to improve on.

Thank You

An informal thanks to those that have constantly shaped me into a better person. To those that listen; To those that are authentic; To those that are passionate; To those that are nice; To those that smile; To those that appreciate; To those that are honest; To those that love; You all inspire me. Thank you.