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Session Log 10/19/11

Session started off progressively well. Because I had an injured ankle I was limited to what I could do, so I just worked on power, which would seem like the dumb thing to do but it is actually easier on me; where as footwork, it requires more ankle. I had decent momentum coming off, hitting some just learned powermoves. Towards the end of session though was when it was all bad. I tried hitting a 2000, which was a spin move on your hand, and I slipped and landed on my shoulder, then banged my head on the cement. Those first few minutes were the worst; my shoulder was numb from the damage and I was shooken up just a little bit from the crash of my head. It was probably the worst crash I’ve had in a long, long time. I decided to rest on a bean bag for the rest of session. I didn’t want to make my body worse than it already was. After that crash, I felt like total shit. I really beat myself up when faults are on myself. I think it comes from me just being a perfectionist in this type of art. I’ve been training extra hard this year because as I posted before, I feel like I’m somewhere in the beginning of my prime as a bboy and now it’s time for me to get serious. So when shit like today happens, it really affects me mentally. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to work your way up as a bboy, from winning competions to just getting certain moves. But it’s so easy to go down a steep hill of fault and no motivation when things don’t go your way. Right now I feel like I’m in the middle of that steep hill, just trying to climb back up.


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