Month: September 2011

Disappointed, but Motivated

Today was the bboy event, The Big Payback Volume 4. The day started off rushed; I went to go eat lunch with a couple of friends, and then I left around 1, which was when the jam started. We knew that jams usually start late, which is why we left late. But the thing is that battles started 2:30, so I wasn’t able to properly warm up. I also forgot the memory card for my camera, so I couldn’t take pictures, which made me so frustrated. After a few battles I was finally called. For some reason I felt really nervous; I faced Maniak from 700 crew, a strong and worthy opponent. I had a game plan going in, but I thought about it and I decided to let the music take me to whatever I was doing. It worked somewhat, but I crashed, BIG time. Well, to me at least I did. People said they didn’t notice,  but I knew what I did was definitely not planned, and I’m pretty sure the judges saw …

F.A.M.E 2011

Today was the annual event F.A.M.E, which is an acronym for fashion, arts, music exhibition. This was the event that I was anticipating the most this month, and knowing Bobbi, I had high expectations. It time out at F.A.M.E, and I must say, it’s my type of atmosphere. What more can you ask for as an artist, of any kind? You had the cyphers, venders, graffiti artists, runway shows. I was even able to meet some of my favorite bloggers at the event, as well as one of my favorite models, Alissa Alva. I picked up some murch from Marvin, intwined, and unscripted. It was all good vibes until I got a ticket for a parking violation. My first ticket, ever. I was dumb enough not to realize that I parked near trucks. Luckily the damage was under three digits. Everything else definitely made up for it, though. Shouts to Bobbi Vie for throwing the event, and everyone else for making it happen. 

I’ll be seeing you around!

derrickdeffect: I consider this guy my mentor. He took me to sessions and jams and was one of my inspirations in breaking. Today was Paul’s last day at MTC, so I decided to pay him a visit. Now this guy’s on his way to be the most successful nurse. I have a lot to owe him. Best wishes Paul. I’ll be seeing you at Mission, haha. One of my bboying mentors…hope to see you soon homie. Stay up.