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Balancing education with bboying

B-boy Zeshen is a dancer from the legendary Havikoro crew. He is also a medical student at the University of Texas. As a first generation Chinese-American, he talks about how he balances both education and bboying.

ManOfGod: For you to be a bboy in medical school, how does that clash? Is there a balance?

Zeshen: It’s essentially like living two lives and each life hates the other.  It’s like going on a date with two girls; I have to go to the movies with one then I have to go to the park with the other, and run back and fourth. That’s kind of how it’s like. For me, to balance is taking the best out of each, and that helps me with my dance and my school. For example, I’m stressed every day already, when I go to a jam, I’m not going to worry about my rep. I’m not going to worry about winning jams. I’m always going to let dance be a fun thing for me, and do it for the love. And also, if dancing becomes really stressful, I can always take a step back and look at my life and focus on my studies and everything else from life and get inspiration from that. That’s how I try to balance it, you know? Just taking the best from each and trying not to deal with the negatives. 

ManOfGod: For you to be a collegiate scholar as well as a breaker, what advice do you have to other people trying to balance those two lives?

Zeshen: You just have to look at what you really love, but don’t forget you have potential in other things, too. Don’t waste it. For me, I saw my potential in school and I didn’t want to waste it. I said I was going to do this and this; I might do some sleep, but that’s fine. Everybody tell me you can’t do it, i said ‘sure you can’, just don’t go downtown and drink every night. Practice then study, hit the books, and then practice again. 

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