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Mission Peak

Today I went to Mission Peak for the first time with some friends. This plan was super last minute. My friend called me the day before around midnight asking me if I wanted to do the hike We tried leaving early to avoid the heat, but because I was still in the summer time zone it didn’t happen. We originally planned to hike around 7, but ended up hiking around 9. This hike has definitely reminded me how out of shape I am. Even though I bboy on the side, I still have horrible eating habits that cancel it out. Before school starts I’m going to be on that hard core workout plan. Even after all the cuts, bruises, and mad amounts of sweat, it was all worth it. I had an awesome workout with great company and got to see a breathtaking view.

Mission Peak view from the final checkpoint (click for original size)
Checkpoint 1
Checkpoint 2
Checkpoint 3
Checkpoint 4
Reaching the victory pole
Thumbs up for making it all the way up!
Ended the hike with Chipoltle

If you’re from the Bay, you should go to Mission Peak at least once. It’s definitely worth the hike.

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