Month: August 2011

Balancing education with bboying

B-boy Zeshen is a dancer from the legendary Havikoro crew. He is also a medical student at the University of Texas. As a first generation Chinese-American, he talks about how he balances both education and bboying. ManOfGod: For you to be a bboy in medical school, how does that clash? Is there a balance? Zeshen: It’s essentially like living two lives and each life hates the other.  It’s like going on a date with two girls; I have to go to the movies with one then I have to go to the park with the other, and run back and fourth. That’s kind of how it’s like. For me, to balance is taking the best out of each, and that helps me with my dance and my school. For example, I’m stressed every day already, when I go to a jam, I’m not going to worry about my rep. I’m not going to worry about winning jams. I’m always going to let dance be a fun thing for me, and do it for the love. …

Taking the best of it

Today I began moving out of my house. It’s been a pretty tough year for me and the family financially, so I’ve been trying to help out as much as I could. Moving to the new complex made me sad because I’ve had so many memories in the soon-to-be old house, not to mention the new place is much, much smaller. I pretty much spent the whole day moving furniture with my dad and uncle. Half way through the day I went with my mom and dad to check out the measurements of the apartment. While we were there they talked about how nice and spacey the place was, but really the place was a little beat and it was about half the size of the old house. I had a sense that they were just saying that so that I would try to look at the brighter side of things, and I did. I felt extremely bad when we lost the house because my parents knew that it would really bum me and my siblings out …

Megan’s Cotillion

Yesterday my friend Megan had her cotillion. A cotillion is the celebration of a young woman turning 18, very similar to a quinsiñera. It was amazing in all aspects; the venue, the performances, the agenda, the food, the after party (hehe), everything. Photo-shoot before cotillion: Cotillion: (Credits to John Carr for taking some of the photos) This is my second cotillion, and it’s always an honor to be part of the court because it’s made up of peoplevery close to the celebrant. I’ve met a few new people that I actually hung out with plenty this summer and they are even slowly becoming close acquaintances. I’m going to miss all the practices and the outings as a group court. They were what I pretty much did the whole summer. Happy 18th birthday, Megan!

Hey man. I saw that you were messing with some watermarks. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make one myself. Would you be down to help me, I guess teach me right quick? Thanks dude

Yo what’s up, I use Adobe Illustrator to make my watermarks. There isn’t a correct way to make them,it’s pretty much experimenting with different tools and drawing it out to see what works for you. For mine I just messed around with fonts and see how they went with each other. I also drew the swirly P with the pen tool. A common rule for watermarks is not to make them too big because they can distract the picture, unless it fits with the image itself. 

Family Vacation

Last weekend I finally got to visit my family down in Reno. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen them…a little too long. I’m usually down there at least once every couple months, but ever since I started working back in May, I wasn’t able to visit them. After talking it out with my manager, I was able to get the weekend off to go see them.  The Bay to The Biggest Little City. 408 to 775.

Mission Peak

Today I went to Mission Peak for the first time with some friends. This plan was super last minute. My friend called me the day before around midnight asking me if I wanted to do the hike We tried leaving early to avoid the heat, but because I was still in the summer time zone it didn’t happen. We originally planned to hike around 7, but ended up hiking around 9. This hike has definitely reminded me how out of shape I am. Even though I bboy on the side, I still have horrible eating habits that cancel it out. Before school starts I’m going to be on that hard core workout plan. Even after all the cuts, bruises, and mad amounts of sweat, it was all worth it. I had an awesome workout with great company and got to see a breathtaking view. Mission Peak view from the final checkpoint (click for original size) Checkpoint 1 Checkpoint 2 Checkpoint 3 Checkpoint 4 Reaching the victory pole Thumbs up for making it all the way up! Holloway Planking Ended …