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A little too busy

What I’ve learned from being such a busy bee is that it’s not good to be too busy. People have their own reasons for trying to be as busy as they could be; maybe they’re having family problems, they’re trying to forget about a certain past, or they simply just love being busy. For me it’s mostly just the love of meeting new people and being active. But there would be times when my autopilot turns on, and I wouldn’t have time for myself. I would forget to play with the xbox homies that certain time of the night, or I would forget that the NBA playoffs was on. Being too busy affects the quality of work, and when it comes to accomplishing tasks, it’s always quality>quantity. Having an amazing show>having 3 decent ones. Xbox>PS3. Just kidding ps3 fans, that has nothing to do with the subject, but yea you get the point. 

There are days where I’d rather hang out on the top floor of a library parking lot and write in a journal than manage a sold out show that’s a couple hours long.


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