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House dancing and realizing

Today I learned a new type of dance from a good friend of mine called house dancing. It consists of smooth movements along with quick and steady footwork. House music has up beat tempos, as well as slow, groovy ones. It’s always fun to learn a dance, and housing is extremely fun. But I don’t want to just talk about the dance itself, learning it made me realize some things. One is I’ve forgotten how fun it is to dance. The past months I’ve had the mindset of work hard and keep on training. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but I totally forgot why I started dancing in the first place: to express. It was always “I have to do this”, and “I have to learn that”, when it should be “I’m glad that I’m doing this” and “I’m glad that I am doing that”. Basically, I just missed having fun. With that, it brings me to another point: lately I haven’t been true to myself. Just the past week or two, a lot has been going on in all aspects of the ally’s (lol) like emotionally, mentally, physically. Of course i tried fixing the problem by doing a lot, but it was all temporary. But just today, when I learned how to house, all of the thoughts that were going through my head just vanished. It was as if God’s hand went into my head and scooped out all the shit I was going through. All that was left were the beats and my physical body. I was pretty much in my own world of expression, and I was grooving hard as ever. It’s moments like these that give me a break from life. It’s moments like these that keep me sane. 


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