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Bboy POV: Jam

I enter the area where all the bboys are. I see small cyphers going on. I see the area where my bboy friends are and I say whatsup and give them knuckles. I always arrive to jams early to get warmed up and hang out. It helps calm me down and relieve me of my anxiety. I start to cypher a little bit. I don’t mind showing my sets off during the cyphers. Sometimes a lot of bboys hold back during cyphers because they want to save their sets during the competition. Too bad, because the cyphers are where the real battles are at, which is why I go all out during them. Time passes by, and battles are now going to start. After a few good battles, I finally hear my crew name. My heart beats, but not too fast. I knew from that point I had to keep my cool, and stick to the game plan. Most of the time I try to plan ahead for jams. I feel like a lot of bboys now a days don’t plan ahead, and they try to freestyle their way to the top. Bboying is just like a sport; you have to sleep well, eat well, be prepared, practice, ect. While I’m on waiting for the host to give us the ‘ok’, I analyze my opponents and try to sense the mood. Whatever the mood is I adapt to it. If they are a pack of wolves, I’m the hungrier wolf. I like the way jamrock puts it: “The scene is a jungle, there are so many beasts out there, but you have to be the best one.” Before the battles begin, I keep in mind the sets I have in reserve. Most of the time though my body reacts to different beats, so it really doesn’t matter. I’m usually the first one to start off the battle; I don’t like the bottle, or any of that bc one staring shit. It’s go hard or go home. I hear my favorite beat, and it pumps me up. From that point I’m lost in the music, and my body reacts on its own. I keep it nice and clean, some intricate steps here and there, nothing I can’t do, and most importantly, I flow to the music. As I finish my round, I watch my opponent do his. I watch carefully for the crashes and all the missteps, and call him out on it. As the battle comes to an end, I watch the judges to see their decision. No matter what the decision is (unless it’s biased, of course), as long as I felt accomplished I didn’t care. If I win, I continue to use the same formula. If I lose, I’ll just have to keep improving.

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I like creative arts, traveling, and eating.

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