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MTC ‘Checkmate’ Jam Champ

Today the Milpitas Teen Center hosted a mini jam, called “Checkmate”. I had so many doubts about entering this jam, because my body was beat from head to toe, literally. I had cuts, lower back aches, and a pulled leg muscle. Despite those injuries, I decided to enter the jam for the hell of it. As I walked into the teen center, there were a lot of young folk. I saw some of the older bboys that I session with, but they were going to judge, so basically I was going to battle some of the younger bboys. I didn’t  mind that at all, it was still a competition and I still wanted to come hard. Most of the people that entered I knew. There were a few heads I haven’t seen in town, and they were pretty good. The scary thing was they were all younger than me; junior-high to 2nd year in high school. It made me feel so behind. Nevertheless, I continued to be aggressive with them. In the top 8 battles, I battled one of my fellow younger bboy friends. I didn’t take him lightly at all; it was as if I didn’t know who I was. I started dissing him and went all out. Like I said earlier, no one knew about my injuries. During the second round that’s when my back started spazzing, but I didn’t want anyone to know, so I just kept on with my set. I made it all the way to the finals and I battled this guy named Elvin. I give him mad props, he’s way better than me, and still an upcoming freshman. By the time he’s my age, he’s going to smoke fools out there. The final battle, I ran out of things to do, so I just freestyled to the music. To make matters worse, the injuries were KILLING me, but I didn’t let anyone know. I continued to play with the music, called out my opponent, and just had fun. In the end I ended up winning the mini jam. It was probably one of the funnest jams I competed in. I won a golden vinyl with all the details for a champ.  Although it wasn’t an ‘official’ jam, it still felt good winning something. I managed to pull through every round despite my body killing me, and I was proud of that. Much thanks to MTC for hosting the jam, the judges, and all the new bboys I met. They’re definitely the chilliest people to be around. This jam has motivated me to continue dancing, and to continue to improve as a bboy. Also, I guess I’m going to be repping with hai and his crew at cypher cup 4. Can’t wait for more jams to come, including express the best and Cypher Cup. I think I’m going to be sleeping well tonight. Pz

More pictures/videos from the event will be uploaded tonight/tomorrow

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